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Predator UAV Missing Over Iraq

Posted 27 Aug 2001 at 17:55 UTC by steve Share This

Iraq officials claim that they have shot down an unmanned, unarmed Predator RQ-1B UAV. It is unclear yet whether the UAV was actually shot down or has crashed but the Air Force has confirmed that it is missing. Since 1998 Iraq has fired on aircraft enforcing the "no-fly zone" over 1,000 times with little success until now. If Iraq has downed the UAV, it may be due to recent help from Chinese technicians who have been assisting Iraq in improving their surface-to-air weapon installations. More coverage: BBC News, Associated Press, CNN.

They Were Targeting UAVs, posted 27 Aug 2001 at 20:50 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

A CNN article I read a while back (here I found it) said that Iraq was targeting UAVs because they were slow and flew low enough to hit making them an easy target. It could be they finally got one.

The price of killing a robot., posted 29 Aug 2001 at 01:27 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

It looks like the US has retaliated for downing the robot.

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