SlugBot: A Slug Hunting Robot

Posted 16 Sep 2001 at 15:08 UTC by steve Share This

Dr. Ian Kelly's slug hunting robot, SlugBot, has made the news again. This time the BBC has an article on SlugBot. The article notes, among other things, that Slugs were chosen because they're one of the few animals you don't need a license to hunt in England. Work is still progressing on powering the robots by having them "digest" the pests as they are removed from crop areas.

Slugs to Us, posted 19 Dec 2001 at 03:09 UTC by Psyco » (Journeyer)

Isnt the use of living things as a power scorce kinnda like the matrix. If they get intellegence they may move on to us. Anyway the idea of a slug hunting robot is cool and i hope it goes on. A new type of power scource may become usaefull in the near future.

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