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Heroic Cyborg to Receive Medal

Posted 24 Feb 2006 at 00:28 UTC by steve Share This

We've reported on the Otto Bock C-Leg prosthetic leg before but this time a reader sent us news about the C-Leg in action. One of the first humans to get the advanced robotic leg was Brad Kennedy. His bionic leg worked so well most people didn't realize it was there. The new leg allowed him to join the Mississippi State Guard and go on a 2,770 mile bicycling trek. During recent hurricane Katrina, while other robots surveyed the damage and searched for survivors, the 30 year old cyborg saved an asthmatic man. Unfortunately, Brad's C-Leg didn't fare so well. While pulling the man from a stalled vehicle in chest-high water, Brad's leg shorted out and failed. With the help of an EMT, Brad pulled the man to safety. He then went house to house until he found someone who loaned them an inhaler. Next month, Brad receives the state military's highest civilian honor, the Mississippi Magnolia Medal. Brad works with the Methodist Rehabilitation Center's Orthotics and Prosthetics program. There's no word on when Otto Bock will introduce a waterproof C-Leg (the Sea-Leg?) or if Brad has a new leg yet.

Thank you, posted 24 Feb 2006 at 21:52 UTC by lucretiaX » (Apprentice)

Excellent synopsis of a true pioneer. The C-leg has definitely taken the industry by storm and I am glad to see how much press the prosthetic and orthotic community is getting.

I'm sure plans for a water-proof leg are in the works for soliders wishing to return to their pre-injury statsis, but it is a ways off considering how poor funding for research and projects in prosthetics tends to be. I am also sure he will be receiving a new leg shortly. The industry tends to take care of things fairly well.

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