The Amazing Magic Robot is Always Right

Posted 6 Jul 2009 at 15:48 UTC by steve Share This

YouTube user backwards7 brings us a little bit of nostalgia with this look at the UK Merit Games product from the 1950s, "The Amazing Magic Robot". Supposedly the toothpick-wielding robot always gives the right answer because the robot is ingenious, amazing, mystical, and infallible. In actuality the robot gives the right answer because there are interchangeable Q&A sheets on playing surface which match the final orientation of the robot to the appropriate answer. Legend has it that there were so few Q&A sheets available that kiddos quickly became bored and improvised their own fun by intentionally installing mismatching question and answer zones, leading to the sort of zany fun show in backward7's video. Nostalgic bloggers have deconstructed the bizarre cover art on the box or even named their blogs after the infallible robot. The magic robot is amazingly scare today but you might find one on eBay if you're patient.

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