Linux Wins the Grand Challenge

Posted 12 Oct 2005 at 18:48 UTC by steve Share This

A LinuxDevices article notes that most of the teams that qualified in the Grand Challenge were running Linux-based systems including the two CMU robots. The Stanford Stanley robot was rumoured to be running Linux but the team has not released enough technical details about their robot to confirm the rumour. Stanford used intel Blade hardware that supports both Windows and Linux. An Intel mailing list confirms that Stanford and CMU used Intel blades and claims Stanford was running "predominatly Linux" but also Windows combined with the Intel Open Source Open Computer Vision Library. One robot, Team Banzai's Taureg, ran Mac OS X, a BSD Unix variant. There was one team known to have used a Windows-only system but it failed to finish. Other robots known to have run Linux include Tommy, the VIA-sponsored, Team Jefferson robot; the six-ton Oshkosh TerraMax robot, and Berkeley's Team Blue robot motorcycle called "Ghost Rider".

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