Toyota to Start Selling Robots by 2010?

Posted 3 Jun 2005 at 00:17 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

Asahi News says that Toyota Motor Corp. will start selling robots by 2010. These robots by Japan's top auto maker will act as a receptionist, look after the elderly, provide nursing care, and childcare. Toyota already has created biped robots that play musical instruments to entertain at the Aichi Expo. Before these robots can become available scientists hope to make advances in battery technology, increased walking speed, and weight reduction. Toyota hopes to place these robots for sale in Toyota's 5,000 sales outlets across the nation (of Japan?). The robots will have a reasonable cost of around one hundred ($925 US) to several hundred thousand yen ($9,250 US?) with prices to fall once they are mass produced. However, another article claims just the opposite that Toyota has no plans to commercialize the humanoid robot it is developing. So what gives, is this mixed signals or is Toyota backtracking?

This article is duplicated in lots of other places. Here's a few sample articles...

Here's some other related articles... My guess? I wouldn't hold my breath for a real humanoid robot like C3P0 for the home in 5 years!

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