Computational Humor

Posted 1 Nov 2004 at 01:13 UTC by steve Share This

What do near-sighted ghosts wear? Spooktacles. What do you give a hurt lemon? Lemon aid. Someday your robot may tell jokes like that using software developed by computational humour researchers Kim Binsted and Justin McKay of Binsted-McKay. They've developed a program called Wiscraic (Witty Idiomatic Sentence Creation Revealing Ambiguity in Context) that generates jokes algorithmically. The new software is an advance over Binsted's previous attempt at computational humuor called JAPE (Joke Analysis and Production Engine). Articles on their joke machine have turned up at TimeOnline.com, Chortle, and The Weekly Standard. For more on the technical details of how computational humour works, see some of the technical papers on Kim's site.

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