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Target Environment Locomotion Method
Indoors Treads
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
shaft encoders
floor color sensors
Sharp GP12D12 IR rangers
2 BLDC motors (tracks)
3 DC motors (cylinders)
laser pointer for localization
Control Method Power Source
Autonomous Battery
CPU Type Operating System
AMD K6 350MHz Linux
Programming Lanuage Weight
C++ 12 kg
Time to build Cost to build
countless hours a lot
URL for more information
Ester's job is to collect small rugby balls at a 2x3m field. It has been built for Eurobot 2004 competition and it ranked 4th out of more than 40 teams in the international finale in France. It tracks its position using Monte Carlo Localization merging information from shaft encoders and floor color sensors. It is able to shoot the balls to the goal from any position on the playing field. More information about the shooting mechanism and the control software can be found on the homepage (in english and czech).

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