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Posted 3 May 2013 at 20:35 UTC by steve Share This

This edition of best robot photos of the week includes an Officer Mac robot from the Computer History Museum, Colin Angle's telepresence bot, an industrial cheese robot, a Dalek, a robo-dragonfly, a sexy wearable R2-D2, an octopod drone, some giant robot ants, and other assorted treats. Every week we post a collection of the best robot photos submitted by our readers to our flickr group. Why? Because everyone likes to see cool new robots! Want to see your robot here? Post it to flickr and add it to the flickr group. It's easy! If you're not already a flickr member, it's free and easy to sign up. Read on to see the best robot photos of the week!

robot - photo by flickr user derio5
análogo , técnica acuarela

Stay InTouch
Stay InTouch - photo by flickr user jurvetson
When Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot, rolled into the back of the SRI conference room, glowing from his embodiment in the new RP-VITA robot, Todd and I went over to give him/it at hug.

We ♡ Robots

update: Sten posted some great notes on all the speakers, and SRI posted a video of my panel.

Merc and myrmidons
Merc and myrmidons - photo by flickr user bluedawepix
Wollombi NSW

Artoo Detoo Swimsuit
Artoo Detoo Swimsuit - photo by flickr user Vim Trivium

hanno-25 - photo by flickr user gabriel_flr

Urban Robot
Urban Robot - photo by flickr user LauraMckenziePhotography

Festo Dragonfly
Festo Dragonfly - photo by flickr user languitar

Dalek - photo by flickr user mikecogh

P4130020 - photo by flickr user keepps
this robot saves the humans many hours of work, by taking each wheel of cheese from the shelf, wiping it with salt and turning it, and replacing it on the board. There's a video showing one at work on

Computer History Museum -  109
Computer History Museum - 109 - photo by flickr user zo-ii
Officer Mac - robot

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