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I'm one of the founders and organizers of ROBOEXOTICA - an annual festival concerned with "Cocktailrobotics" ... in Vienna, since 1999.
We are giving away the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards to entries, that have either capability:
1. serving cocktails
2. mixing cocktails
3. bartending conversation
4. lighting cigarettes
5. other achievements in the sector of electronic cocktail culture
We want to encourage the development of robotics aside from industrial efficency, and to introduce cocktailrobotics as an index for the integration of technological achievements in everyday life, and as a means of documenting the creation of new interfaces for man-machine-interaction, a priori dedicated to hedonism.
The ROBOEXOTICA festival tries to establish worldwide contacts with developers of cocktailrobots and to function as an international platform for anybody interested in the topic. Subscribe to ROBOEXOTICA's mailing-list - send an email to with the subject "subscribe"!
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20 Apr 2007 (updated 20 Apr 2007 at 19:51 UTC) »
A big "Thank you!" goes out to David Calkins, who arranged for an invitation to Maker Faire May 19th+20th in San Mateo!
Chris Veigl and I will be bringing Cockbot One and two other bots - now we have to come up with ways to transport those not-so-portable devices.

Johannes Grenzfurthner happens to be around too and will not miss the opportunity to help promote the ROBOEXOTICA.

While Chris and Johannes will be back to Austria before June, I plan to stay for RoboGames, June 15-17, San Francisco.

Another "Thank you!" is being shouted in the direction of Matthew "Perro" Cloney, who with his noteworthy donation ( ) helps tackle the potentially excessive transport-costs for the bots.
18 Mar 2007 (updated 18 Mar 2007 at 17:25 UTC) »
Cocktailrobots to California!
Help Austrian Cocktailrobots travel to San Francisco's RoboGames June 2007!

Since RoboGames are featuring a "bartending"-category the third year now, and it has come to our knowledge that the competition isn't exactly going tough, as the only competing bot so far was the RoboGames' founder's ...
we (the people doing the annual Cocktailrobotics-festival ROBOEXOTICA) want to bring a couple of the local pieces (and their makers) over to S.F. - and wherever else we can get the travel-costs covered, so that Californians too can enjoy a rich cocktailrobotic environment.

If we get around $1000,- we'll send an emissary to promote cocktailrobotic values and represent Austrian efforts in the field.
Between 2000,- and 5000,- will provide for a scalable delegation with robots being sent over.

DONATE: http:/ /

UPDATE: The highly accredited SuicideBots command you to "Please give generously to their efforts so that we may crush them."
"I wish for ... the world domination of robots to be started by the perfect cocktailrobot who will make all lowly humans into his addicted slaves!
Help me help create the ultimate cocktail mixing and serving robot by granting me the financial means!"

Friday night when I did some late-nite browsing of the interwebs, instead of ending up buying something from Amazon, i followed a link from Boingboing and made a wish at Robinhoodfund - and asked for 10.000,- US$.

In case the wish is granted I'll split it up 50:50 to a) sponsor some promising bots coming to ROBOEXOTICA 2007 and b) for the first time provide prize-money to the winners of the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards.

So you can help make this happen clicking this link - 1168 (and/or make your own wish!).

How it Works
read more ...

Wired (Again)

After two Wired-online articles during ROBOEXOTICA a month ago, Wired Magazine is now featuring a half-page in it's January issue: Drink Up, Human - highlighting four of the cocktailrobots that participated Dec 2006.

"... Technically, it’s a contest – to win a Cocktail Robot Award. But how do you choose a pickup-line-spouting, booze-slinging metal torso over a flame-throwing bar on wheels? ..."

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2 Jan 2007 (updated 5 Jan 2007 at 00:03 UTC) »

Robot Warning Stickers - Now Available

These slightly re-designed warning stickers by Mr. Robotics are now publically available on Suicidebots!
To be taken seriously: " Robots ... Don't be fooled by their friendly attempts to make you a cocktail! "

I got mine when Mr. Robotics and Missy Suicidebots were here for ROBOEXOTICA last December:

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