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I have been building robots cince 1979. I started with a single board computer running a 6809 processor and had to key in HEX code by hand to program it and there was NO WAY to save it other than the written code you had in your notebook. I built all my drive systems and other sensor and control boards by hand and am highly suprised that robotics are not massively more advanced now than they were back then. I currently focus on software and feeding my family as well as being an independant film maker. I cringe when I hear the name "robot wars" when all they are is over-glorified fighting remote control cars. I am looking to get back in the robotics hobby. Basing my entire design around linux as the OS and the huge amount of cheap 386 and 486 embedded boards and systems that are flooding the market right now. (why fight with a embedded processor when a 25mhz 486 has more power than that SH processor and can be used OTS and right now?? plus I can add 802.11 wireless to it in 30 seconds.)

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Starting my newest robotics project today. This is my first for over 15 years (cince I got married, had kids, had to waste my waking time working, etc...)

I am basing this design completely on linux and older but standard PC hardware. PC-104 form factor Industrial PC boards are dirt cheap and older processors like the 386 and 486 draw very little power compared to today's embedded high performance processors. I am planning on 802.11b wireless networking for the bot as well as a pethora of sensors and video camera for sensing / feedback to the control center and website that the robot will have control over. this will be a self guiding bot with the ability of website visitors to reccomend to the bot places to go. it will be restricted to my basement until I figure out the weatherproofing and then it will be a resident of my back yard during months without snow.

specifically I am interested in making an exploration robot similar to the wonderful designs currently wandering the surface of mars, but with a lower level of sophistication in drivetrain design and it will have an unlimited source of power it can return to for a recharge.

my first goal is to find a decent source for high quality drive systems that dont need gobs of amps and can go 90 mph. a max of 4 MPH is fine for my design, I just need to be able to get over large obstacles and the occasional dog.


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