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Professional Info

I have been working in the motion picture business for the last 20 years. I have been doing embedded motion control projects for the last 10. You can see some of the fruits of my labor at Clairmont Camera's web site. I invented the "Squishy Lens", and the "Image Shaker", for which I have been awarded a personal certificate of achievement by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. You can see them in action in movies like Minority Report, Jurassic Park III, X-Men, 3 Kings, Starship Troopers, Saving Private Ryan, Species II, as well as T.V. shows like Star Trek Voyager. The Image Shaker is used to simulate explosions, and is used a lot now, since it's easier than shaking the camera. The squishy lens provides an interesting distortion effect. It's used in the first shot of Minority Report. 

I am presently employed by a company called Panavision.

Hardware and Software

I have programmed Motorola, Intel, and pic processors in machine code, assembly, FORTH, BASIC, and C. I have also programmed in FORTRAN, C++, and LabView.


I have finally launched my Robogeeks site. Robogeeks is geared towards beginners, but with a lot of useful information and ideas for intermediate and advanced users. Hopefully, it will help pay for my expensive robotics hobby as well.

My battlebot is on hold, as I don't have a place to work on it right now. I hope that in 6 months or so, this will change. Nemesis robotics is where the last fruits of my efforts can be found.

The group of beginners which I mentor has a site dedicated to biological emulating robots. I hope to explore Artifical Neural Networks, and publish the efforts there.


I have built a hand full of little robots, mostly recyclable.

Ratbot, a 3 wheeled holy roller, no mpu, just sensors, 555's( a lot of 555's ), and transistors

Ratboy JR, a basic stamp controlled 3 wheeler

Tripe odd?, a 3 legged walker ( my first IsoPOD project )

Fry, a quadraped

3 or 4 un- nameables stamp, 6811, MCORE, cpntrolled, a 3 wheelers.

Fester, a 3 wheeled roller controlled by the IsoPOD

Ball Bot, a 1 wheeled robot (actually a ball driven by 3 friction wheels)

and now

A 12 "whegged", segmented "centipede"


I am truly a sensor geek, seeking out all sensors I can find. I rely heavily on sensors at my job, so I keep a constant supply of data sheets flowing.



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CANipede works!!!!!

totally fun stuff.

Many long hours on the centipede in the last few days. Got it working on CANBUS. Will post more piccies when they become available.

14 Aug 2003 (updated 14 Aug 2003 at 14:03 UTC) »

Construction on the centipede is back in progress.

Power harness is 90% done.

Signal loom is strung.

Board connectors 33% done.

Chassis DONE





After recently acquiring a bunch of motors from a couple of different manufacturers, I did my good deed, and donated 112 motors to the DPRG, giving 2 encoded, coreless gearmotors to each paid member. It was my goal when i got these different motors to spread them out to the robotics community, to do the most good. It looks like I am succeeding

Recent stuff:

The motor donation project has gone well so far. I have been getting really nice coreless motors, and donating/selling/keeping them.

The Thousand Oaks Robotics Club is moving along. I am working on getting an oscilliscope, power supply, soldering irons, and vises. We have been working on solar bots, and my 12 whegged robotic centepede.


My article in Circuit Cellar came out recently. I have gotten good feedback so far...

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