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i havent built a robot yet im still making money but i have ideas im 12 and a student at a jr. high school at green field please be free to email me at

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well im now having problems with my desihgn i cant get the screws off the servo so i used tape to tape the bigger bit onto the original one but now im having traction problems so i think im going to wrap up the bit with electrical tape to give it some traction still no name for it and i also had to change the desighn three times now i think i got it it looks like a small tubaware bowl ontop while a cd at the botom and attached to the cd is the servos and on top of the boal is the brad board im going to start making my website soon any good names for my website please email me

well dar'nt i got my stuff from MElabs and i tried to program and i kept getting verify erros then it said ran out of memeory at picdata adress 009h:08 or something like that it was only a 278 word program for my first robot which is a basic obsticle avoidence robot and im having problems i feel like suing melabs for fraud because theres a number of possibilities that could be wrong there could be a voltage problem but the programmer came with a charger it also could be a problem with the computer i was on also could be a problem with the cabel i changed computers didnt work i still got the same errors then i tried puting 9vt. batteries .......... didnt work and i swear to the holy bible if i have to buy a new cable im suing melabs for all thier worth so no one will be able to buy any thing from them again unless some one cares to pitch in a hand? email me at thank you for reading this

well you guys im proud to say im finaly going to start my robot kable hes gonna be a stage robot KABLE 1 KABLE 2 KABLE 3 so on each adding a new type of behavior well til next time cya

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okay as you all know im 12 so this quetion might be pretty darn wierd but does any one know a good college in the state of california that i can get a REAL good EDUCATION on robotics and what field should i go into that deals with robotics like mechanical engineer or electronic engineer or something that deals with robotics email me for sugjestions

This is for The swiriling brain i also do stuff like moving then thinking about how a robot would do it then i would desighn the part for it on paper then put it in my "handy dandy, robo-book"

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