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JavaScript AI Mind Programming Journal -- Sun.1.MAY.2011

Sun.1.MAY.2011 -- Organizing the AI Mind Control Panel

The AiMind Control Panel has room for about six hyperlinks. It seems best if we include in the Control Panel both a link to the current Robots.net AI Lab Notes and a link to the most recent comp.lang.javascript Usenet post, without linking after all to the Wikipedia article on the Singularity for lack of room in the Control Panel. The immediate link to the Robots.net AI Lab Notes lets the users see an HTML page with embedded links, and we can predict in advance the URL address of the AI Lab Notes. By linking to the recent comp.lang.javascript Usenet post, we obviate the need and the unpleasantness of going back into the current JSAI version and changing the Usenet link. When we upload and release a JSAI version, it should remain the same and not be subject to change by the updating of a Usenet link. Since we now already have the current Robots.net AI Lab Notes link, it would actually be redundant to link to a current Usenet post of the same material, which would not even have the embedded HTML links. By linking to a one-off Usenet post, we let the users follow the chain of Usenet posts backwards through time. Furthermore, if we are careful in each new Usenet post to link to the simultaneous Robots.net AI Lab Notes, then users following the backwards chain always have the option of clicking over to the embedded-links HTML version on the Robots.net site.

Sun.1.MAY.2011 -- Linking Subject with Related Knowledge

Today we are concerned with bringing the latest MindForth improvements into the J avaScript artificial intelligence (JSAI). A minor change in the MindForth code has improved the AI functionality with respect to the proper linkage between pronouns as subjects of a BeVer b and predicate nominatives stored as knowledge in the knowledg e-base of of the experiential memory of the AI. The necessary change was to set conceptual activations at zero for concept-words that have served as elements of verbal thought in the AI Mind and have passed through the ReEn try process back into the experiential memory of the mind. We will follow the new activation rules (ActRules) for ReEntry in the JSAI as well as in MindForth, so that we may keep the two AI "cousins" as genetically close as possible in both Forth and JavaScri pt.

In the InStantiate mind-module, we have brought over some code from MindForth to set conceptual activations to zero during the instantiation of ReEn try concepts. We noticed an immediate improvement in the linking of subjects with related knowledge. We are eager to implement MachineSelfReference as a M ileStone on our Road Map to artificial intelligence.

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