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Posted 3 Jul 2001 at 17:12 UTC by steve Share This

Since we had a link to some GNU Projects for the Motorola 68HC11 last week, it's only fair that we point out a GNU project for PIC processors too. PICs are quite popular with robot developers and there is a growing body of GNU software for them including assemblers, disassemblers, simulators, and compilers. The GNUPIC project website includes a listing of known free software projects for PIC processors. They also host an email list for PIC developers.

I like, posted 3 Jul 2001 at 17:22 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

Cool. That's a nice resource. I was wondering if they had a listing of PIC projects that weren't compilers or assemblers, but just projects. I'd like to list my Perif chip and Display chip projects there.

Other PIC projects, posted 3 Jul 2001 at 17:46 UTC by steve » (Master)

Send 'em an email with the URL. I bet they'd list it., posted 3 Jul 2001 at 20:11 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

Here's the reply I received:

> You probably want to contact James Newton (see The GNUPIC
> site is dedicated to Open Source PIC development tools.
> Scott

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