Bat-Bot Boost Sonar

Posted 23 Aug 2005 at 22:41 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This says that researchers have developed a new robotic bat head to boost sonar echolocation. The Bat-Bot, developed by IST project CIRCE (Chiroptera Inspired Robotic Cephaloid Experiments), can also wriggle its ears, a technique often used by bats to modulate the characteristics of the echo. One of the project partners developed a broadband transducer that could both transmit and receive acoustical energy across the entire 20 to 200 kHz spectrum. (Common transducers usually work on just one frequency at around either 40khz or 60khz). The researchers built a high resolution model of bat ears and came up with simplified nylon ears to investigate how its shape influences the sound. Besides echolocation, one of the cool things Bat-bot can do is also identify plants since each plant gives off a different echo pattern. Cons? Bat-bot does not have wings nor a utility belt.

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