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The Swirling Brain's Robot & Sci-Fi Upcoming Movie List!

Well, it's time again for The Swirling Brain's upcoming Robot (& Sci-Fi) robot movie news! This year there seems to be more robot movies than ever. Here it is late summer and still it seems there are bunches of sci-fi and robotic sci-fi movies still yet to be seen! Let's see what's left for this year's robot movies!

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Here's some cool looking robot and some sci-fi movies that will be coming out soon. It's interesting that many a movie this year is coming out in 3D! See them in 3D if you can! It's cool!

District 9:

OK, yeah, District 9 already came out and has received rave reviews. I'm going to have to go see this one! Aliens scared of humans, humans scared of aliens. That sounds like a plot waiting to happen. District 9 seems to be a movie in where the Aliens land somewhere in South Africa and then those mean old humans won't let them leave for some mysterious reason sort of story. Who will help them but some fleshy human type. Probably has political preachy-ness symbolism to it but it looks like fun. I only wish my wife would let me go. I need so bro time with some of my bros to go and see this movie. It looks good. In the trailer it seems to show b-movie level alien robotic tech behaving badly so you know it has to be good!

September 9, 2009:


A mad scientist gives 9 of his creations the spark of life and they have to fight the evil machines to protect the future! It's a Tim Burton movie and it sort of looks like kiddy animation but then again, it's Tim Burton. When you see the trailer, you'll wonder if it was really made for kids! It looks like something that will scare the kids: Mommy, mommy make the bad movie go away! So it might be a movie for grown ups? Not sure yet. 9 already seems to be getting good reviews. It will be coming out 9-9-09.

September 25, 2009:

The Surrogates:

Bruce Willis plays a cop in 2017 or 2054 where everyone lives their lives through robotic Surrogates (avatars). Supposedly your real self can't die if your surrogate dies (like if you die in your dreams do you die?). So, it turns out a few people die, and eventually everyone plugged in dies. Sort of Hamlet-ish. So, Bruce has to unplug and investigate who's killing everyone. It's probably an adaptation from the graphic novels of the same name. It seems to be Bruce is getting kind of old to be doing movies anymore and probably needed a Surrogate to act for him - just kidding Bruce - You still got it. The Surrogates will be out in the September 25, 2009.

October 23, 2009

Astro Boy

Astro boy was made to replace a son who died in a car accident. Later he was sold to a circus and then found to have super powers for fighting crime! I want this movie to be good but the verdict is still out. It looks like it has a lot of good and amazing visuals in the trailer so it definitely looks like a lot of eye candy. yum!

December 18, 2009:


This is James Cameron's big budget movie that's sure to please. A wheelchair bound soldier is given the chance to step inside a grown alien body avatar and roam an alien world. The plot (or so I think - so is it really a spoiler?) He falls in love, he is torn with his loyalties, and there's this big war scene and then he gets the girl. But it has aliens riding dragons and fighting mean old humans! It was like 2 or 3 years in the making and with news on the movie out so far in advance, it has to be good! The movie will be coming out December 18th, 2009. Not that anyone cares, but that's my 21st anniversary. I wonder if my wife will want to go to the movies that day?

Sometime in 2010

Tron Legacy (aka Tr2n):

Welcome back Kevin Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges). He used to be the messiah figure in the first cult classic Tron movie and now in this sequel, he's lost and his son has to go find him. The computers of today are better, faster, and more dangerous. Tron Legacy will be coming to theaters some time in 2010. What does this have to do with robots? Jeff Bridges looks rather ominous like he did in Iron Man. I don't know, but it looks really dark and really cool! So, keep this movie in a cool dark place! Wikipedia has a good write up on the plot. The new Tron will be in "Disney" Digital 3D and will be showing at the IMAX in 3D. (Just a quick rant about IMAX selling out. There's something known as the real IMAX, then there's small IMAX aka the IMAX experience but not awe inspiring IMAX. How do you know the difference. If the screen is several stories tall and makes you say "wow" then it's IMAX. If it looks just slightly larger than a regular screen, it's not true IMAX but probably still enjoyable. You'll get better sound and a little better screen but not the greatness screen. See it at a real IMAX.)

Here's some cool tron pics:

Don't forget Jay Maynard the Tron guy:

What did I think of the previous list of movies?

1. Monsters Vs. Aliens: Loved it.

2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Didn't see it. It looked mediocre.

3. Star Trek: Loved it, but there didn't seem to be any robotics. :-( I'm not sure it was good enough to go back a second time my wife wanted to.

4. Terminator Salvation: I loved it but many people I talked to didn't. I guess I'm weird. There was a lot of stupidness like why couldn't the Terminator robot just kill John Conner in like one second instead of toying with him like a cat and mouse.

5. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I sort of liked it. It was kind of dumbed down teenie bopper just entertaining. Robots were hitting each other and blowing up stuff and then I went to the bathroom and came back and they were still hitting each other and blowing up stuff. shrug.

The previous list of The Swirling Brains upcoming robot movies can be seen here!

Know of any more upcoming robot movies or sci-fi juicyness? Remind me below!

A few more, posted 2 Sep 2009 at 21:12 UTC by robodave » (Journeyer)

Couple of cute kids movies might be the current Aliens in the Attic, or the soon to be out Planet 51. A cool movie that may be past was Moon.

Really liked District 9, though not a kids movie, had that grim realistic feel to it.

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