Phantom Sentinel: An Invisible UAV

Posted 4 Oct 2006 at 15:21 UTC by steve Share This

The Swirling Brain sent us some links about a new idea for an invisible flying robot. A short NewScientist article was the first to report this idea, followed by a Slashdot story. Michael Dammar of Minnesota company VeraTech Aero designed the Phantom Sentinel, a Y-shaped robot with a single long wing attached to two short extensions where electric motors are mounted. The entire vehicle spins like a helicopter rotor when flying. Persistence of vision causes the craft to blur into seeming invisibility if it spins fast enough. The electric motors make the UAV very quiet and there is nothing but empty space at the crafts center of gravity (and rotation), so nothing spoils the illusion. The company claims that the UAV can come within 75 feet of a surveillance target and remain undetectable. VeraTech has applied for a patent on the idea. For more information see the Phantom Sentinel product brochure (PDF format) or for the technical details, see the patent application.

Excellent new idea with many possibilites in the future., posted 6 Oct 2006 at 00:52 UTC by marev » (Observer)

Maybe other good opportunities for this robotic surveillance device also,good wing span,especially the larger model,put razor sharp wings and c4 explosives on it,for after the quick surveillance bit of its work is done?

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