The Pars Rescue Robot Won’t Let You Drown

Amin Rigi of the RTS Lab in Tehran, Iran let us know about a new rescue robot they’re working on. The robot is named Pars. it’s a ship-based quadcopter that responds instantly when alerted to potential drowning victims in the ocean, locating them with FLIR, and dispensing life preservers directly over them. The current prototype carries one life preserver and they are working on a new model to carry three life preserver rings. Future models may dispense up to 15 self-inflating rings. A launching platform for use on ships has been designed but more intriguing is an idea for a stand-alone launching platform. From the website:

A sea platform has also been designed for the robot. This platform used satellite data for its control and it uses solar energy for its energy. It is always in the water and the robots are ready for action. When a marine incident occurs it quickly operates and sends the robots to the event to help.

In both cases, the launching platform also serves as a recharging station, keeping the robots in a continual ready state. This looks like a great project and we look forward to seeing future progress reports on the Pars robots. Read on to see some renderings of the robots in action as well as the designs for the launching platforms.

A solar-powered launching platform for the Pars rescue robots
Pars rescue robots taking off from a ship-based launching platform
Pars rescue robot dropping a life preserver

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