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Name: Christopher Jones

Notes: Hi my name is Chris Jones from Bristol, England. I’ve been building hobby robots on and off for the past 10 years or so. Many can be seen on Roger Arricks website.

I’ve got a bit of experience working with military bomb disposal robots too – those things are fun to play with ;- ) I’ve got finished a Robotics degree from the University of Plymouth, U.K. and currently working as a Software Engineer

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6 Oct 2004  »

I found out about running my PC off batteries. The last time I tried something like that a 486 PC drew about 13A from a 12v source. With a UPS and PSU the Pentium PC I tested only drew 4A! I think that that is acceptably low to be used on a large mobile robot. The only thing I have to do now is make the whole power system lighter…

29 Sep 2004  »

Heres a thought, Our workplace flooded and they ended up scrapping a load of wet UPS’s, so theres a load going spare. For ages I’ve been meaning to use a PC as an embedded system on a large mobile robot. The thing thats always stopped me doing this is making a lightweight power supply with a negative voltage. Im toying with the idea of using a UPS as a mobile power source for a normal PC.

I know that in theory is electrically inefficient to use a UPS and a PC power supply together like this for mobile power, but I.m toying with the idea. Has anyone done anything quite like this? If so did it work?

27 Sep 2004  »

Hi, I saw this interesting documentary/drama the other day on BBC1 (UK)about the prospect of a terrorist organisation exploding a Dirty Bomb in metropolitan London.

At the end, the authorities cordoned off and abandoned a large section of London for a 30 year cool down period. As soon as I saw that the first thing that sprung to mind mind was Wow! what an absolutely perfect opportunity to use robots for clearing and redeveloping a dangerous area! I shouldn’t say this, but that is one niche in robotics that needs to be exploited more.

Other thing, – I’ve just been reading some different books on neuroscience and artificial intelligence. I can recommend the books “Growing up with Lucy” by Steve Grand and “Consciousness” written by two neurologists.

The Lucy book is basically a diary of a guy who builds a basic android its got all sorts of stuff about neural nets and vision, although his writing style is not so scientific. The consciousness book fills in some of the gaps in understanding minds.

Its helped to explain to me why every time we write an AI program it ends up being something somebody else already did and is never quite as good as we thought. I think were missing a couple of things in our software, but this is all in the book…

1 Sep 2004  »

I was in a bookshop the other day and came across a book called AI game programmers wisdom volume 2. Its a big thick book with about 800 or so pages and it is quite expensive ($69.99 US or £45.00 UK). I got it and I’d say it was worth every penny.

It is primarily about video game AI, but it is very relevant to robotics because there are many many similarities between game agents and physical robots in the real world. Its a great book and deals with all sorts of stuff like A* pathfinding (mobile navigation), PID control, Fuzzy and Neural nets…

If you get a chance to read it, it is definitely worth it..

24 Aug 2004  »

I just settled down in my new job as a Software Engineer (not much robotics or electronics but hey its not the end of the world..)Every thing  is running smooth, all the equipment is working and Im just starting to have ideas on how to produce a cheaper commercial version of the US Packbot. Then it rains! Our entire factory and my working area were flooded! Im gonna have to put my Packbot ideas to one side until we get dry….

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