Customising computer cases is very popular these days and several websites are dedicated to the endeavour. A Robot-themed enclosure is a perfect match for a blazing motherboard and heatsink-engulfed video cards.

An obvious candidate would be our beloved R2-D2. We’ve all seen action figures and LEGO projects, but a  computer fashioned by Ken Kirby after our bleeping friend is the ultimate.

Futurama’s Bender has also been violated with PC components (Mini-ITX in this case) in this fantastic case mod by Jan Erik Vangen.

Eric Burke tosses his cap into the mod ring with this super-inexpensive, antenna-topped  Android case.

Another Prime candidate for case mod bliss is a Transformer.  This machine  by John Mangus is over 6 feet tall in transport mode! And Adrian Gallego put together a great  Bumblebee-inspired system.

An AI-controlled automobile certainly qualifies for this group, so here’s a  KITT-inspired case mod by Thomas. It’s clean, simple and classy.  Video.

I’ll finish off the list with an incredibly ambitious and  over-the-top Wall-E case mod by ‘this Russian guy’. The amount of work this must have been is amazing, not to mention the cost of the raw material. I wonder what it weighs?

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