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MegaBox HD APK: How To Download & Install?

Megabox HD is among the most popular streaming apps these days. This app allows users to have access to hundreds of movies and TV shows on their devices. Users can either download or stream them in a variety of resolutions including 1080p. What makes this app popular is that this is all available for free.

Aside from this, Megabox HD also has other features that users like. One of these is that the app adds new movies and TV shows for users to watch. This means that they can catch up on the latest movies or TV shows. They can also stream movies and TV shows fast. The app uses cloud storage to make this possible. Users can also share movies and TV shows with friends and schedule what to watch later.

Megabox HD is compatible for use on a lot of platforms. This includes Android devices, Amazon Fire TV stick, and PCs.

Here is a guide on how to download and install MegaBox HD APK on your devices. This will allow you to have access to a great number of movies and TV shows for free.



MegaBox HD for PCs

You can also access it on your PC.
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You can install and use MegaBox HD for your PCs using an Android emulator. An example of a good Android emulator to use is Droid4x.

Make sure you have downloaded and installed Droid4x on your PC before installing the app.

Using Droid4x, you can now install the app on your PC. You should go to Settings, then to Install App and then select the location of the APK file. Double-clicking on the file will start the installation.

You can use Droid4x to access the app on your PCs.



MegaBox HD on Android

MegaBox HD Screen
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Before you install MegaBox HD on your Android device, you would need to have a MegaBox HD APK. You can get the MegaBox HD APK file by clicking here.

Then, you need to check if you have enabled the Unknown Sources setting of your Android device. To do this, you need to go to Settings, then to Security where you can find the Unknown Sources setting. If the Unknown Sources setting is active, click on it to enable the feature.

If you do not have the Unknown Sources settings turned on, this APK’s installation will not begin. This is because your device will recognize the APK as a third-party app.

You can now install MegaBox HD on your Android devices by tapping on the APK file. If the device asks for any permission during the installation process, tap on Allow.

You should have MegaBox HD installed on your Android device once the process is complete.



MegaBox HD on Amazon Fire TV Stick

You can install the APK on your Firestick.
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You install MegaBox HD on Amazon Fire TV Stick like how you install the app on an Android device. You will also need the app’s APK file for you to install it on your Amazon Firestick.

First, you’ll need to check whether your Amazon Fire TV Stick will accept third-party apps. This is attainable by checking your device’s Apps from Unknown Sources settings.

To do this, you would need to go to Settings, then to My Fire TV and then to Developer options. Check if the Apps from Unknown Sources settings are working. If it is off, click on it and then choose Turn On once it asks for your permission.

After that, you would need to install the Downloader app. Downloader will allow you to install Android apps that do not appear on the Amazon app store. This will also allow you to install apps on your Firestick.

To do this, hover over the Search icon and type in “Downloader”. The Downloader app will appear in the results which you would select. After this, you should click Download and then open it once you finish the download process. When opening Downloader, the app will ask permission to access your device. If you want the Downloader to work, you will need to press allow during this prompt. The app will also show a message and you should click OK after.

Using the Downloader app, insert the URL of the MegaBox HD APK file and click Go. This will download the APK file. After you install the APK file, click on Install. Once you have completed the app installation, Downloader will ask you to delete the APK. To do this, you should click on the delete option twice.

Congratulations, MegaBox HD is now installed on your device! Don’t have an Amazon Fire TV Stick yet? Well, buy one today and stream your favorite shows anytime you want!



Other streaming apps

Aside from MegaBox HD, there are other similar free streaming apps available online like Coto Movies, Freeflix HQ, PlayOn and Movie HD. These apps also offer a vast quantity of free movies and TV shows to access on your device. If you’re interested, we’ve written articles on how to download and install these apps.



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