Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that lets fans of the franchise have the closest thing to a real-life Pokemon world. Players from around the world can finally catch and train their favorite monsters from the franchise. So much so that Pokemon Go has become a game that breeds social interaction. That allowed Niantic to start organizing a Pokemon Go community day every month since January 2018.

Have you prepared for the next Pokemon Go Community Day?
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These Pokemon Go Community Day events give players a chance at not only a chance of catching a certain Pokemon but also its shiny/shining form. These shiny Pokemon are more hard to find compared to their regular counterparts.

The recent Pokemon Go community day just finished recently but the next one is coming soon. Before discussing the next community day, let’s take a look at previous events and what to expect when participating in one.



History of Pokemon Go Community Days


Pikachu was the featured monster in the 1st Pokemon Go Community Day.
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Pokemon Go was released to the public in mid-2016. People from around the world were finally given the chance to experience being a Pokemon trainer. Slowly but surely, Niantic started adding more content into the game such as new monsters and features. Pokemon Go and Niantic wanted to reward those who have stuck with them. Resulting in the creation of Pokemon Go Community Day events.

These events started in January 2018 with players being a chance to catch the Pokemon mascot, Pikachu. Aside from the regular Pikachu, this Pokemon Go Community Day event gave players an increased shot at catching a shiny version.

Niantic has also announced previous Community Days featuring all previously featured monsters at an increased spawn rate. This was a great experience for those who have missed past events and want to catch up.

If you are looking for a Pokemon Go Community Day events list, here’s one just for you. There you can find a complete list of community day Pokemon.


What To Expect During Pokemon Go Community Days?


Bring friends and family on Pokemon Go Community Day.
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First and foremost, you should know that these events run for only three hours on that specific day. Pokemon and Niantic will announce what specific time will the event occur via their website or social media accounts. Next, you have to know which Pokemon will be featured during the event. Aside from an announced monster, Niantic will also announce a “legacy move” that will come with the said monster.

There would also be special effects for items in the game during the whole event’s duration. These effects include shorter distances for eggs to hatch, longer duration for lures and experience boosts to name a few.

Lastly, take advantage of these boosts as once the event is over, you’ll have to wait for the next month. Plan out your day in advance so you can have ample time to prepare. As they say, nothing beats preparation and this allows you to conserve your time and energy.


What To Bring During Community Days?

Bring your Pokemon Go Plus accessory on Pokemon Go Community Day.
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So what to bring on during Pokemon Go Community Day events?

First and foremost, a portable charger or power bank is recommended especially if you want your battery life to be sustained during the event’s duration. You don’t want your battery to run out especially when you’re on the verge of catching a shiny Pokemon.

Second, remember to bring a water container so you can hydrate yourself during the event. You’ll probably do a lot of running under the sun and you don’t want to be dehydrated.

Third, if you own a Pokemon Go Plus bundle then this is the perfect time to use it. You don’t have to worry about missing out on a Pokemon because of the increased spawn rate.

Fourth, do not forget to bring an umbrella during Pokemon Go community day events. Whether it rains or stays hot, you’ll have some sort of protection for yourself during these days.

Fifth, this might not be a material thing but please bring an observant mind. You may enjoy catching Pokemon but please put your safety above anything else. Rushing through passing cars is not worth it in exchange for catching a Pokemon.

Lastly, bring a smile and since this is a celebration, try to interact with other players from the Pokemon Go community.



October Pokemon Go Community Day Details

 For this month, the featured Pokemon is ground and bug type Trapinch. This little critter will be available in both his regular and shiny forms during the duration of the whole event. Currently, Trapinch’s Pokemon Go Community Day move is still a mystery. Surely an update will come before the event commences.

Aside from Trapinch, Pokemon Go Community Day will come with two bonus buffs that you can enjoy. First is an experience buff when catching Pokemon. This is useful as you can catch Pokemon all you want to increase your level. Second, the total duration for lures last longer during the whole event. Usually, lures only last for thirty minutes but during events, it lasts for three hours.

The upcoming event will be held on October 12, 2019, which falls on a Saturday. October’s Pokemon Go Community Day will be from 11:00 A.M. to 2 P.M. on your local time. Just be mindful that this will be during noon time so please bring fluids to re-hydrate yourselves.

For more information on Pokemon Go Community Day events, you can use social media platforms and other websites. These also allow players to interact with each other and organize for the event. Nothing beats having a plan especially when things can get disorganized.

So what are you waiting for Pokemon Go players? Time to research how you can maximize your results with some hacks during the event and prepare accordingly. Do not be afraid to interact with other players and make friends. Lastly, the most important thing is to have fun!

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