Video: Dynamic Dextor

The SwirlingBrain sent us a link to a really cool video of Anybot’s dynamically balancing walkingrobot, namedDextor. The robot actually balances much like a human,instead of using the more common Zero Moment Point (ZMP) algorithm usedby robots like ASIMO. Paul Graham wrote a detailed blog post aboutabout Dextor’s first first successful walk. Dextor is a bipedrobot about 5’10”, weighing in at 135lbs. The robot uses aircylinders which provide a spring-like quality similar to human muscles,allowing the robot to achieve more life-like movement.

Gaiter Aid, posted 2 Mar 2007 at 02:01 UTC by The Swirling Brain»(Master)

That’s a pretty cool walking gait. Now if only it had arms so that it could walk with a better gait. If it had arms it could even open a gate and then walk thru a gate with a walking gait. If it could walk in the water it could walk with a water gait, although it might get eaten by a gator. If it had lighter loafers it could walk with a special… oh nevermind.

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