Video: A Vintage Robo Alpha Performance

This impressive display of chaotic robotic noise is from a 1999 Detroitperformance of experimental noise artist Government Alpha(performing as alter-ego ROBO-ALPHA).

Government Alpha aptly describesitself as Yasutoshi Yoshida’s “Experimental Harsh Noise” project on theirmyspace page. If you’dlike to hear more harsh noise, check out GovernmentAlpha’s CDs or you might be interested in the “ExtremeMusic From Japan” compilation CD (1995) from Susan Lawly (describedas “a very good representation of the finest noise Japan has tooffer”).

The YouTube video hascollected a small but extreme range of comments from, “I want to bea robot when I grow up” to “the most ridiculous waste of human energyI’ve ever witnessed”.

Depending on your personal proclivities, you maywant to either increase your volume to maximum or mute it altogetherbefore clicking the play button.

You have been warned. Props to ourfriends at PinkTentacle for bringing this noise to our attention.

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