Toyota i-foot and i-unit Robot Vehicles

Move over Segway, Toyota has revealed two robotic exoskeleton-like vehicles designed for transporting humans. Toyota prefers to call them “wearable personal mobility vehicles”. The i-foot is a two-legged walker with an egg-shaped cockpit for a seated human rider. The i-unit is a 4-wheeled vehicle with a single seat that is upright for slow travel and reclines for high-speed travel. Toyota will be demonstrating these new modes of transportation in their booth at the upcoming EXPO 2005 World Exposition, where they’ll be introduced by Toyota’s music playing robots. More photos are available from Reuters and in a Gizmodo article. The Toyota robots won’t be the only robots at EXPO 2005. There will be a lot of robots actually working at the EXPO, doing garbage collection, cleaning, security, and acting as guides.

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