Self-Driving Cars

BBC has an article telling us that on the road of life we may see self-driving cars ahead. Remember the movie the Minority Report where cars drive themselves on crowded highways dodging in and out and up and down hills and every whichway while people jump from one car to another. Well, except for people jumping from one car to another, it seems that we are catching a glimpse of that future of self driving cars. Many university, companies and even the US Military are working on smart vehicles that drive themselves. Some of these robotic drivers do all the driving, and some don’t do all the driving, but only to assist with the driving (power steering?). Some say that cars which drive themselves may eliminate road rage and accidents. OK, but just let me know when they give a robot a driver’s license so I’ll know when to get off the road. Or perhaps someday robots may kick us off the road and NOT EVEN LET us drive!

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