Robotics by Invitation: Send us your questions!

For the past six months a panel of robotics experts has been answering monthly questions on robotics for Robotics by Invitation. For example, this month’s question was “What would you research if you did not have to worry about grants?”

Previous questions included:

  • What are the five must-read papers for budding roboticists?
  • If you had a 100M investment fund, into which robotics technology or field of robotics would you put your money?
  • What funding scheme is the most conducive to creating a robotics industry?
  • How will robots shape the future of war?
  • Do robots kill jobs?
  • What is the single biggest obstacle preventing robotics from going mainstream?

Robotics by Invitation is now inviting submissions for future questions. To submit a question, post it in the comments section or send an email to: editors [at]

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