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Name: Kevin Buchanan

Notes: Hello, I am new to robotics and have currently started to build a small mobile robot. The design is using a hacked simple 49 Mhz rc tracked car from Radio Shack.

I have over 15 years combined experience in electronics, computers, programming, and circuit board layout. I originally got interested in robots about three years ago. since then I have gotten a couple of books, with one on sensors being my favourite.

I plan on doing all the electronics design and programming as original work. I have worked with 68HC11, 68HC12, 8051 and several PIC microcontrollers. The chassis has been modified to accept a modular electronics interface that can be easily changed as development progresses. I have developed and tested a dual H-bridge circuit that can handle 30-watts of continuous duty power.

I am currently using a PIC 16F84 and 16F877 to develop the motor control code and sensor control. I have developed the basic code for controlling the motors and am in the process of developing the interface code to allow motor control via sensor input.

This is my second, but true robot. My first is a light follower using two photo- transistors to detect light and turn on a control FET of the opposite motor. If the light is centred on the sensors, the robot travels towards the light.

If it hits an object, there is a small lever actuated micro-switch that interrupts the motor power. I found this web-net while looking for information on controlling RC Servos. I will be using a servo as a positioning controller for an ultrasonic detector that will use a quadrature detector for locating an object.

The technique is being borrowed from monopulse radar applications. I still need to do research to determine if a cassigrain antenna configuration will work with ultrasonic waves. Does anyone here know? I do not have a web page as yet, I just don’t have the time for that right now. Sorry.

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