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Name: Steven

Notes: Hey,Im Steven and I see myself as a collector hobby roboticist because Im trying to build all kinds of different robots. Ok, here’s a little about myself i’m a kinda nerdy guy, glasses.I like classic science fiction like H.G.

Wells and I like robotics and other technology like time travel and teleportation and space age weapons also antigravity ,I hope to build a lifter soon and maybe one day a hover board like one from future horizons, and I forgot the most important fact about myself I love science ,its everything to me and also inventing I hope to be a great inventor one day and scientist.

And I would love to study robotics at MIT one day taking AI fundamentals, computer science, electronics engineering, and other courses.My new email address is

Heres my robots:

.WAO2(Kit Robot)




.SPR(Stationary Photo- Trophic Robot)

.SAR(Sound Activated Robot)







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20 Feb 2005 (updated 20 Feb 2005 at 09:10 CST)  »

Well Saturday the Robot Ramble Science Olympiad competition didn’t go so well because when I got there I found out that the goal was not like a soccer goal like I previously thought it was opened at the top instead.It was awful because I designed my robot to mainly scoot objects across the floor but since the goal was opened at the top there was no way I could get a single object into it or pop the balloon inside.

But my robot does have a arm which I was going to scoot objects with and that didn’t work so I tried to lift them with the arm but it was no use because it only went halfway the height of the goal(which measures 30cm cubed).The robot was built from a kit which my school bought from Edmund Scientific and its tethered control with differential steering.

A group of two girls did the best they had a platform from a carpetrover like the ones lynxmotion sells and it looked like their controller was from a radio controlled air plane which they used to control the carpet rovers servos.They did the best because they popped the balloon but they nor anybody else got a single object into the goal.

Hopefully my new design will win next year.Its a pretty good one two just building its going to be a challenge.

12 Feb 2005  »

I’m not doing much right now i’m waiting and till I get some money to buy a bread board and components of David Cooks line following circuit or find another circuit to up grade LineRider1 to the next stage LineRider2.And I want to buy a Robosapien soon to hack.

7 Feb 2005 (updated 12 Feb 2005 at 14:38 CST)  »

Things are a little better now I got a network card and after we get are dsl lines installed i’ll be hooked up.

2 Feb 2005  »

Right now i’m modifying and testing a tethered control robot that will move objects into a goal and pop a balloon.This robot is in kit form and is powered by two D batteries.Im entering the robot into a Science Olympiad competition thru my school and the competition is called robo ramble.

19 Jan 2005  »

Hey, right now i’m just building a few more bots from discrete components. My LineRider1 i’m thinking off changing soon adding a better working line following circuit but also theres a few more bots i’m building.

I also hope to get my hands on a robosapien soon because I haven’t had the money to purchase one yet but when I get one i’ll be doing hacks and stuff to it. And I cant forget I bought a kit robotic arm which i’m going to hack. Im going to use it as a test bed for programming.

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