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Name: Andrew Plumb


Notes: Lots and lots of plans. Gradually accumulating parts and equipment. I earn my keep as a product engineer at Cadence – CAD tools for designing chips. It’s analog/mixed-signal stuff, so think of Mark Tilden’s approach (K.I.S.S. designing with transistors), but at the chip level.

My New Year’s resolution is to get more involved in robotics stuff by way of involvement in the Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts group.

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2 Sep 2004  »

I dropped by Best Buy yesterday and picked up one of their cheapest Logitech optical mice (CDN$14.99+tax).I opened it up today and sure enough, it’s using an Agilent ADNS-2501 sensor. It’s in a DIP package (yes, the pins along each side are offset by 0.05″ as shown in the data sheet), has quadrature outputs, an SPI, and if you look on page 33-34 of the data sheet it can dump out the 16×16 pixel image it’s “seeing”.

In short, with the right optics you have a single, low-power chip that can see 2D motion and capture images to pass up the processing chain. Get two and you could have some very interesting stereoscopic motion control potential.

It’s a hackcident just waiting to happen!

14 Aug 2004  »

My pack of ultra capacitors arrived yesterday. Now all I have to do is make time in between work and caring for a newborn to start work on my Sapien Autopsy to graft them in as a battery replacement power system…

16 Jul 2004  »

Jin, brilliant as always. I like how you wired the ADXL202E on DIP8 socket for test; I’m going to have to borrow that idea.In other news, my two Robosapiens arrived, but not before the baby arrived, so deconstructing them will have to wait. I have a few ultra caps on order (thanks Steve), my goal being to replace the battery-based power system with caps in one of the Robosapiens and rigging up some solar trickle-charging to keep them topped up.

Ah yes, if you buy more than 100 ultra caps they only cost $22 each. No I didn’t buy that many; I asked when quantity price-breaks kick in.

18 Jun 2004  »

Steve, thanks for the link to those 350F caps!Any idea on the cost and who might carry them?

31 May 2004  »

Welcome to the site, Jin!

I know a lot of people around here are going to find what you’ve been up to (and sharing with ORE) most interesting.

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