built by Ron Woodward

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Target Environment Locomotion Method
Indoors 4 Wheels
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
bump ring
optical wall sensors
dual quadrature encoders
CDS photocells
2 Johnson motors
auto windshield washer pump
RC-type servo
Control Method Power Source
Autonomous Battery
CPU Type Operating System
PIC Microcontroller None
Programming Lanuage Weight
Time to build Cost to build
URL for more information
Pongo was built to compete in The Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest held by Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut. Pongo stands about 10 inches tall and is 10 inches in diameter at the bump ring. His body is made from a 1 gallon ice cream container (Getting the parts sure was yummy). He uses differential steering produced by two Johnson motors driving inline roller skate wheels. He has two nine volt battery packs one for the motors and one for the lectronics. He has active optical wall sensors and dual quadrature encoders on the wheels. He uses an automotive windshield washer pump to spray water to put the fire out. He has an internal microphone to detect a fire alarm to begin his search for the fire. A Pic16c74a controller operating at 14mhz provides the brains. Pongo failed to finish his first year at Trinity mostly due to software problems. He will be ready to take on the field in 98 with improved software incorporating PID speed control and a new H - bridge motor drive.

You can come see more pictures and find out more about him at my web site.

Email: ronouul@aol.com

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