built by David Mitchell

Target Environment Locomotion Method
Indoors Static
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
limit switches
pressure sensor in gripper
input switches
windscreen wiper motor
led display
Control Method Power Source
runs a hardwired sequence when activated N/A
CPU Type Operating System
None None
Programming Lanuage Weight
None N/A
Time to build Cost to build
URL for more information
This robot is about 1982/83 vintage and is my first robot. The arm rotates about the horizontal (windscreen wiper motor) and has limit switches at either end of motion. The arm has no up or down motion but can extend and retract, the position of the sliding position is obtained by a sliding pin along a piece of perspex which has 5 tracks on it to indicate the position. The gripper has simple pressure sense switches to indicate if it has grasped an object. The control statemachine is implemented in cmos logic and has only one hardwired sequence. The switches are on/off, reset and run/stop and motor disable. There is a small led display which displays the position sensors and switches. DM

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