Alice Telecom

built by Eric Steigelman

Target Environment Locomotion Method
Indoors 3 Wheels
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
Video camera
DC servo motors
Control Method Power Source
telepresence wireless ethernet Battery
CPU Type Operating System
Intel 80x86 N/A
Programming Lanuage Weight
Time to build Cost to build
URL for more information
Alice Telcom is a telepresence robot. She is capable of transmitting video and audio over the Internet or an Intranet. For example, if you set Alice down at an office building in California, the remote administer can connect to Alice from any computer in the world that has access to the Internet. Once the robot and administrator are connected, the administrator can control the robot's camera, which in turn allows him/her to view what?s going on in the office building and visa versa. In addition to video, the administrator can talk into a hands-free headset and the admin's voice transmits over the Internet to the robot which then projects through the robot?s speakers to simulate real time communication. The objective is to successfully emulate a physical presence in the building without actually having to be there.

How it works:

CPU?s Pentium based ATX computer system
Video Multi-axis webcamera
Audio Teleconference mic and speakers
Communications Wireless radio Ethernet
Batteries 2 lead acid
Run Time 6 hrs
Motor 2 high torque, 12 VDC servo motors
Drive 2-wheel synchronous


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