built by Dan Ushman

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Target Environment Locomotion Method
Indoors 3 Wheels
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
Control Method Power Source
Radio/Control Battery
CPU Type Operating System
None None
Programming Lanuage Weight
None about 10 lbs
Time to build Cost to build
about three months $250
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Peddler is a small, compact and fast robot. It cost about 250USD to build and took about three mounths to complete. I built it alone without any outside help.

Lenght 9"
Width 8"
Height 4.5"

Peddler draws his power from four rechargible alkaline batteris, mounted in parrallel.

Peddler uses a Futaba Atack two channel AM radio for control. Secondary motor control is atcheved with two Duratrax Hobby speed controllers.

Peddler is very fast, I have yet to measure exactly how.

Peddler has a set of (two or four, depending on my mood) spikes that can be fitted thrue the holes in his bumber.

Peddlers chassis is made up of allumium pothole sheet.

Peddler uses two custom designed motors\gearboxs with custom mounting holes for its axles.

Peddlers wheels\axles were taken from a toy RC car. I sent a sample axle to the company that was building my custom motors\gearboxs so they could fabricate a perfect great. The wheels are four inch diamiter, fully pnumatic. One castor wheel is glued to the black eletronics box's bottom for stablization. I will be replacing it with two castors latter on for added stability.

Ground Clearence:
Peddler stands proud about two centimeters of the ground.

Problems encounterd:
Tends to flip to one side, this will be fixed with the addition of a second castor wheel to the back.
Radio has some, not much, RF interference.
Motors overheat and take a few seconds to cool off.
Batteries only last for about 45 minuts of use. btw: my name is Dan Ushman.

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