built by esteve espuna

Target Environment Locomotion Method
Indoors 6 Legs
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
N/A servos
Control Method Power Source
Autonomous Battery
CPU Type Operating System
BASIC Stamp None
Programming Lanuage Weight
Time to build Cost to build
1 hour $230
URL for more information
This is my first attempt to the legged robots. With this one I wanted to see the way I had to rise the legs and all this stuff, but I think the platform I used is grat for prototyping if you have no money to build it with good material. It walks quite fast and really good, I made it walk using tripod, while 3 legs are on the air the other 3 make the robot go forward (or somwhere else).

Time: 1 Hour (Including programing)
Material: 2 packs of 6 servos with accesories bought at Mondotronics, a BSII, a lot of cheap tape,a pice of box.
Cost:2*90$ + 50$= 230$

Email: esteve@ctv.es

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