Yard Bot 2

built by Andrew Murphy

Target Environment Locomotion Method
Outdoors, level terrain 4 Wheels
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
Laser range finder (planned)
Camera (planned)
Control Method Power Source
Radio modem connection to web browser Battery
CPU Type Operating System
Programming Lanuage Weight
Time to build Cost to build
1 month $300.00
URL for more information
My orignal yard bot platform was reborn. Yard Bot 2 mows the lawn. It took about 1 month to build and cost $300.00. Yard Bot 2 is linked to my laptop via a radio modem. The control is done through my web browser with a custom active X control. Future improvments to yard bot 2 will include, to add a camera with a software controlled pan and tilt mount and laser ranging. Email: andthat1@yahoo.com

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