Product and Book Review Policies publishes reviews of products, videos, and books that we believe will be of interest to our readers. Because is read by thousands of educators, researchers, hobbiests, and robot hackers each day, a review can be a valuable form of publicity for your book or product. We also offer a variety of advertising opportunities.

Our editors love to get their hands on any sort of robots, toys, and hardware, so you are welcome to submit as many products and books as you'd like for review but please understand the following policies:

  • We review books on AI, cognition, consciousness, emotion, philosophy, robotics, electronics, mechatronics, and other robot-related topics. We review primarily non-fiction books. While we enjoy reading science fiction, there are better forums for that type of review. We prefer to stick with books that are of interest to robot builders and software developers when writing reviews. But if your book, whatever genre, is unusual in some way that you think makes it of interest to our audience, we'll consider it.
  • We review robot documentary films and videos. Occasionally we might review a science-fiction movie if it seems of particular interest to the robotics community. The preferred media format is an NTSC or PAL DVD.
  • We review robots, robot kits, microcontrollers, sensors and other robot-related hardware. Sometimes we even review robot toys if they're cool enough to catch our interst. If you've got hardware of any kind that a robot builder might be interested in it, we'll probably review it.
  • We review robot-related software. However, before submitting a software product for review, please be aware that it is the position of that software should be free. Note that "free" in this context means libre, not gratis (or to use the more common analogy, we mean "free as in free speech", not "free as in free beer"). This does not mean you have to give your software away at no charge. We will happily review commercial software provided it is offered under a license which does not restrict the freedoms of its users. However, we prefer not to promote the use of proprietary software. So, if your software ships under an approved Open Source license or meets the definition of Free Software, there's a good chance we'll review it.
  • Not all books or products submitted will be reviewed. Whether or not your item will be reviewed depends on a number of factors including the availablility of a reviewer and our judgement of the interest to our readers. Feel free to contact us before sending us anything if you'd like to determine the possibility of a review.
  • Items submitted for review cannot be returned. After each book or product is reviewed it will be donated to a 501(c)(3) non-profit robot group, such as the Dallas Personal Robotics Group where it will be made available to group members for use in group projects or education. (donated items are frequently announced and demonstrated in monthly or weekly meetings of robot groups, and this could be considered to have its own promotional value).
  • There's an exception to every rule. If you have something you'd really like us to review but you don't think it meets one or more of these guidelines, go ahead and ask. If we agree that it's worth reviewing we may make an exception to our usual policies for you.

So, if reading all the rules hasn't scared you off - how do you get your books or products to us? You can ship them to this postal address:

Attn: Review Editor
Network Cybernetics Corporation
3720 Canton Street, Suite 202
Dallas, TX 75226

If you are a publisher, feel free to add this address to your list for promotional mailings of new books provided they are related to the topics of robots, robotics, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, neural networks, cognition, genetic algorithms, sensors, AUVs, UAVs, image recognition, or other topics related to advanced machine technologies.

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