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this robot is based on the pixar movie wall-e, it is a complex robot that uses color sensors, ultrasonic, IR, microphone, photocells acrometers and even gps systems. It has BASIC stamp programs including basic wall-e sounds and movements. there are 2 modes of wall-e, task wall-e or observent wall-e. The observent wall-e observes objects and store bits of data from that observation. The task wall-e is when you tell it to clean up something like a pile of leafs ( does not put it into a cube ) but it will clean up the pile. wall-e is water proof and has wood, card board and metal, with some glass. He is 86% done and so far all of it is working good ( still need to get some of the sensors and the basic stamps). sovr+johnny five+wall-e=a cool robot p.s. the website is not mine!

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  • sovr is a Lead Developer.
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