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I have downgraded my grandiose plans or reorganized the project to make it more achievable, practical and useful. The engineering prototype 1 will be built of plastic bottles from juice and water. I have yet to do the engineering calculations but it may be possible to target our original design speed (derived from a desire to be able to follow steve and jim's robot around if there is wireless internet available. The other choice is to go with a standard radio remote where there is no current wireless access. I scrounged a couple of bottles and a light plastic pipe about 1/2 diameter (unverified). The bottles are aproximately 5 inches and 3 inches in diameter. I am thinking at the moment that a primitive boom arm may be the besting aluminum can retrieval mechanism. I also got a scap 386 compaq that may make a decent chassis. It is too big for the ep1 and too small for the final prototype. I figure it at about the ep3 and shall continue scrouning parts as I get outside. The environmental folks sure came on board fast. There was an amazing truck and more blue boxes out in the neighborhood than I have ever seen before. I guess I better start getting out more. I have started walking and calisthetics in the park so that if I do get the robot built I can keep up with it when I am testing. With wireless around of course this would be less of a problem.

Description: Too be Made of recycled plastic sme ep1 will search and retrieve Aluminum cans

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