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Hello and thank you for looking at my project!
My project is a simple robot that seeks info for other robots to process the info.
It is very simple but The processing info is the hard part.
To process info remotly, you must have a transmittor and a multiplexer with a decoder. Also dont forget about memeory!
My type of computers (that I made) are quiet simple but uses simalier functions as a regular computer. The robot has sensors as just IR and microphone. The IR sensors inputs object positions around a certain area and transmitts the info to the computer. The computer computes it into a 3-D visual memory so other robots know where objects are ( even if they dont have sensors!) But this project is still in the design stage. In order to finish this I would need to get more parts and upgrade my computer. Also I would need to finish the robot. The robot is like a advanced tute-bot (but not as dump as a tute bot). The robot has simple motor controls and simple memory. apart of the memory is to know when the battery is low and try to recharge or find a meeting spot for rechargeing. The robot uses shift registers, counters and basic 3 logical gate RAM to do these functions. Well It will take a while for me to this project so bye and thenk you!

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