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The Robotic Universal Language Translator Project is a massive undertaking. Even with reducing the overall language libraries by simplification of word dictionaries, the resulting storage capacities exceed today's silicon memory standards and technology.

However, I've now developed new technology and an Algorithmic State Equation ASE that functions like a multidemensional language matrix, which exists in a state of calculus, to reduce storage requirements by over a million tetraquads. The Robotic Universal Language Translator State Matrix Equation is the key. There are "N" dimensional Load Sharing Cells LSC that are allowed to dimensionally grow as the data language library grows. Rather than pullup language mono-cells and replace with N-Dimensional new language cells (for the interpretation and learning states) as in the human brain, a Floating Acceptance Pad FAP is made available in real time. It's faster and more efficient than the human brain when N-Dimensional language data is a primary consideration. As with many asian cultural languages, such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, which use a pure form of symbology to convey ideas, the FAP is an excellent choice.

I believe this approach could also be applied to "alien" cultures that use abstractual content in their communications. This makes possible a "universal translator."

Description: Robotic Universal Language Translator Project RULT, a language translator for humanoid/cyborg/android application, primarily communicating in any language

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