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The latest design has been brought down to a 1 inch by 1 inch PCB. Going out for fab now. the processor is a pic18f6520. I have two tiny h-bridge an IRDA circuit a .5 volt step up power supply. an rs232 chip. and Inputs for 6 analog sensors. I hope this board will make the nano- bot size limit.

Right now I'm using one of those mini RC tanks as the base. the current circuit board is 1" x 2" and houses two h- bridges and a cpu. power supply etc. I have the 1/3 aaa battries that i hacked out of the tank to power it. I'm using a few sharp IR sensors with some of the extra plastic hacked away to get it small enough. my current design I was jsut going for under 2x2x2 Once I get this one finished. I'm going to start on the nano bot under 1"x1"x1"

Ok My project is a Small solar powered robot. It will contain a CPU, solar panels, caps, sensors, tiny speaker, and 2 pager motors. So far i have everything picked out except for a low power cpu. Any sugestions. I am thing of using a CPLD instead of a CPU though. I am trying to keep the total robot size smaller that 2in x 2in. Once I finish the basic design and get it running I will work on a wireless link 3.3v. I need to read up more on the specs and also need to find a compler for it. I am still waiting for my step up voltage converter, but I have most of the sensors i need as well as the motors. I need to start working on putting the chasis together. The pager motors are tiny. its going to be hard to set this thing up to get the right torque i want because of the small size. I'm may goto using a Microchip Pic chip instead of the maxim chip, or something similar because of the embeded flash and ram should save alot of space.

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