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Notes: Team Robomonster (, as of Feb 2005 is converting a custom-built "rock crawler" vehicle for the DARPA Grand Challenge. We plan to use a mix of high-end (PCs, Blackfin DSP) and low-end (hobby stamps) microprocessors to control the system in a behavior-based paradigm. Our vehicle will be *very* sensor- heavy compared to other GC vehicles - we will be adding 50+ sensor modules, each with several sensors (IR, Pyroelectric, IR, pinhole cameras), which will output to hobby stamp processors. The results of low-level computation will in turn output to high-level systems. Pinhole camera data will go to both systems - with the hobby stamp sensing light/dark, and the high-level systems doing image processing. We're very interested in collaborating with anyone who has developed mobile robot hardware/software using a mix of low-cost sensors - in other words, we're looking for remote team members. Game engine programmers also welcome.

Description: DARPA Grand Challenge Entry

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