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The Scout II project began during the late 1990's in the Ambulatory Robotics Lab at McGill University. It can currently bound at about 1.3 m/s and demonstrated the rotary gallop gait in January 2003.

Sensors on the robot include four Midori linear potentiometers, one on each leg, encoders on each 90 watt Maxon dc motor and two range- finding lasers for pitch measurement.

The controller on Scout II is a PC/104 stack. It includes a Lippert processor card running at about 300 MHz. Like the other robots in the lab, the realtime operating system, QNX is used on the robot. The robot is teleoperated via wireless ethernet and TCL/TK and Expect scripts running on an Apple Powerbook.

Description: Scout II is a four legged under-actuated robot, weighing about 25 kg.

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