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SPIDERBOT was working fine except for the fact that I never got time to work on voice recognition which was impossible primarily because of time constraints and also because I was a lazy lump.(initially it was programmed to run the motors from a serial port till I realised that I hadn't connected the negative rails on the motherboard rendering the serial port useless.). It was satisfactory except for the fact that the pesky electric motors which I used were ridiculously underpowered esp with those lead acid stacks it had to tow about. SPYDERBOT totally different, its so sponaneous when i make things, and totally unorganized. Right now Im just sorting out the I.C engine issues(see diary post). I have chalked out a basic plan so that I can mod the engine. I need to work on the chassis, programming. Engine is 92.2cc, 7.4 ponies getting cranked at a high 7500revvs, peak torque comes at around 4000RPM(not mentioned the torque figures because I use the S.I. system and I am lazy to convert the figures from Kg/m to foot- pound...) Tranny is a 3 speed automatic with 3 centrifugal clutches mounted in an oil sump. The donor vehicle is a saffire, an underpowered scooter.Final drive would be made really short though. Fuel injection is almost impossible to implement, but it's worth trying. I am not trying to make something sophisticated here by putting lambda sensors and oxygen sensors to sense the quailty of fuel, knocking, emissions.......It would be a simple mechanical fuel injector controlled electronically using cables and motors. I would also like to add that I am using all scrap parts in building my robots. Shall keep you guys updated.

Description: MS-DOS 6, i486DX, 16384Kb, Hacked mouse as sensors connected to the USB ports of a p-II laptop, engine(see diary entry), perpetually never ending list.

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