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INTRODUCTION: The spiderbot Im working on is basically a robot made outta junk.....its simple, its crude but it serves the purpose of a cost effective robot.There are 3plates seperated by 4 rods connected at the edges of the steel plates.....each of the steel plates has something mounted on it.....the base has a provision for the motherboard and auxillary circuitry, I mean the SMPS.....the mid portion houses the legs and the steppers and the slave hydraulic pumps. The Top portion consists of the Master Pump, the Ni- Cd batteries salvaged from a Black and Decker Vacuum Cleaner. The legs are dual segmented...the top segment moves horizontally to and fro, and the hydraulic piston moves the second segment obviously the vertical moment isnt that accurate...Im using syringes and old heat exchanger pipes.. STEPPERS AND ICS: The ULN-2003 essentially a 7-bit 50V 500mA TTL-input NPN darlington driver. Pins 3,4,5,6 of the ICs can be connected to a RS-232 port a.k.a the serial port......and Pins 14,13,12,11 are the stepper connectors from the IC itself........ HYDRAULICS: Pascals law rules...we use it everywhere....the disc brakes work on the same principle........The master pump is a small syringe (20ml)...there is a rack gear connected to the plastic thing that moves the plunger...a round gear connected on the worm and nut moves the syringe piston to and fro.......and the stepper moves the worm and nut gear assembly taken out from an acoustic guitar........ now the slave pistons are bigger in bore, and shorter in length, and are connected to the nose of the master pump via heat exchanging pipes.....liquid used is water as rubber on the plunger gets spoilt if we use oil...... This makes the Spiderbot stand up............... A lotta work has to be done...I need to select the right CPU, M/B......and Im gonna make it better, something like a surveillance robot, with a voice recognition system...... I WILL POST THE PHOTOS, GIMME SOME TIME..........

Description: Cost effective robot made outta Junk, 8 KP4m4-001 quad phase stepper motors powered by ULN 2003 IC's, Zeners, 4 Worm and nut gears salvaged from the guitar, 4 rack gears fabricated by machines, Steel plates salvaged from old cabinets.....

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