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RIP is going to be my 1st robot... I gave it the name RIP for several reasons: I couldn't think of a better name. It's a robot I'm working on at this time. The robot, no matter how awesome I make it, will be lifeless. Stupid, I know, but w/e. Which brings me to the next subject; What this robot will do. Err...actually, let's go to design first. This robot is fairly simple; a differential drive robot with 2 layers. On the first layer is mounted the two servos driving the wheels, as well as the circuitboard (Which I've designed myself). On the 2nd there is a 'head' and an arm attached. On this 'head' there is the CMUCam2+, and IR rangefinder, and a laser (to play with my cat). This head is mounted to the 'layer' by 2 servos, allowing for pan-tilt. The arm is made using parts off of, since I don't really have the ability to engineer my own arm. Photos of progress: None for now.

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  • Opal is a Lead Developer.
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