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Quadruped4 is a small four legged robot, with three degrees of freedom on each leg, a two degree of freedom head with stereo vision, and a variety of sensors. The robot is approximately 2kg in weight and is about 30cm long, standing 20cm high at the shoulders. The actuation is via Robotis Dynamixel networked servo motors, controlled via a custom designed control and WiFi communications board. Sensor inputs will include stereo colour cameras (quite low res and low frame rate to limit the necessary bandwidth), force sensors on the four feet, joint loading and position feedback on all joints, and overall power usage. This robot is intended to form the hardware platform on which I would like to test out implementations of 'cortical like' software. The higher level software will be run on standard desktop or laptop computers with WiFi communication to the Quadruped4 robot. The onboard controller really only acts as little more than a communications hub, though I may extend its role to handle some more real time control tasks, sort of analogous to the nervous system of a biological creature. Click here for a CAD image of the project Latest progress (as at Jan 08) has the onboard electronics completed (a custom 2 processor WiFi equipped board), and the acrylic panels have just arrived and are being assembled. Several other of the mechanical components need to be machined before full assembly is possible. Click here for an image of the partially assembled body

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