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This is the "famous" PumaPaint site reborn at Roger Williams University. I shut down the original site at Wilkes University in 1999 when I moved here and it took me about two years of infrastructure development to get it up again. The new site has a new Java2/Swing interface (written by Micahel Coristine a CS student) and much improved video hardware and a video applet written by A Ryan Tiebout (another CS student). The basic concept is unchanged, you control a PUMA robot as it tries to physically handle brushes. You don't have to do much to produce scribble, but to actually get the painting to look like something you need to carefully control the interaction between the brush and the canvas using the controls provided. You have to become the operator of a time-delayed telerobotic system, and the degree to which you can be sucessful at this task is the subject of this research project. 1/28/03 The site has seen a lot of activity lately, and much seems a result of the article posting here. I change the canvas manually, and the robot still drops the brush a bit too often, so I apologize if any one connects and is unable to paint. I have added a third, USB camera to view the robot from a bit farther off. Just for fun.

Description: Online Robot for Painting

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